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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Member of Parliament for the Salybia constituency, Honourable Cozier Frederick says Government has invested heavily in housing in the Kalinago Territory. The Member of Parliament reported that in the last financial year twenty climate resilient homes were built by Pre-Conco for Kalinago families.

Ten more homes are ready to be handed over to families providing comfortable homes for the indigenous people.

“At the end of this financial year, ten more Pre-Conco brand new homes will be available to families built on scattered lots. This will unambiguously provide a safe haven during the hurricane season for twenty three adults, 11 males and 12 females, and twenty seven children 15 males and 12 females. This week Mr. Speaker, on the morning of Wednesday 29th July, I had the opportunity to deliver keys to those families in preparation for the hurricane season,” Minister Frederick stated.

Ongoing in the Kalinago Territory is the European Union funded housing rehabilitation project. The overall objective of this project is to support Dominica’s goal of becoming the first climate resilient country in the world.

“The specific objective is to contribute to the building of a climate resilient housing sector by building fifty climate resilient homes in the Kalinago Territory. Mr. Speaker, these homes will be built along six lots, six in Concord, eight in Bataka, five in Crayfish River and Salybia, nine in St Cyr, ten in Gaulette River and Mahaut River and twelve in Sineku. A total of a hundred and twenty seven rooms will be made available to the people of the Kalinago Territory. Provisional commencement date of the project is July 1st and implementation period is 8 month of works and 12 months effects liability,” the Member of Parliament explained.

Government continues to reaffirm its commitment to the Kalinago people by providing climate resilient homes for all.





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