The Dominica furniture manufacturers will be impacted by Government’s housing revolution. The skills of various furniture manufacturers will be utilized to build furniture for housing units.

The furniture requirements include; the construction of kitchen cupboards.

Prime Minister of Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit believes that manufactures working collectively will increase opportunities and will result in a success.

“You may have to form yourself into a consumption from time to time, maintaining our own individual company registration. If a project comes up and I can’t do it alone can I join forces with two or three other people and we deliver on the project; rather than each of us try to do a project that is beyond us in terms of the time or the capacity or the space or the facilities we may have. Sometimes these are the reasons why opportunities slip us, because we may not have the individual capacity to deliver on this project and so forth,” Prime Minister Skerrit stated.  

Prime Minister Skerrit went on to share the idea of building an association which will benefit all manufacturers.

“If you have an association, that association can engage the Government on matters of concern for the industry and maybe individual issues which people may have that they want to raise with the Government on a bilateral basis, but overall the issues confronting furniture manufacturers etc. can be addressed through an organized system. And like, you can all us to a meeting; the manufacturers association can call as us and say we would like to meet with the Government to discuss with you certain challenges, certain ideas, certain suggestions which we have, so you become a stakeholder as an industry going forward,” the Prime Minister explained.

Prime Minister Skerrit is certain that much can be accomplished by simply working together as he pledges his full support to the furniture manufactures.

Meantime, Minister for Trade, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Business and Export Development, Honourable Ian Douglas echoes the importance of working together.

“Look at all the hotels that are coming on stream now. Half of them are not completed yet. We have Secret Bay coming up in Picard, we have Tranquility in Salisbury, we have the expansion of Jungle Bay happening now, and even here in Roseau we have Fort Young expansion going on. So we have the opportunity if we work together to go those investors as an association, divide the work, get it done and we generate business,” Honourable Douglas noted.

Minister for Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives, Honourable Denise Charles believes that the manufactures will deliver in a timely manner.

Minister Charles encourages the furniture manufactures to remain focused as the world faces a challenging period with the covid-19 pandemic and she trust that this multimillion dollar project can be life changing once dedication is shown.

“Some countries do not know how they going to pay salaries, but look at you here. You have the opportunity to partake in a multimillion dollar project. You do not have the same story in Dominica and that is because of good governance from a Government that cares about the average man and everybody that we constantly look for ways to engage you in the development of this beautiful country called Dominica. And that is how together we are going to build Dynamic Dominica,” Minister Charles added.   

Minister Charles advises manufactures to remain grateful for this opportunity.