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Tuesday, 29 September 2020


Member of Parliament for the Roseau Valley Constituency, Honourable Dr. Irving McIntyre, says he anticipates great things for his constituency in this financial year.

Minister McIntyre says the constituency has benefited greatly in the last financial year, as many major infrastructural developments were undertaken in that constituency.

One of the major road works completed in that constituency is the rehabilitation of the Cochrane main road.

“We completed our Cochrane Road, 3.7 kilometers at 23.6 million dollars. Now, what the road does, it provides opportunities for the village of Cochrane, whether it is for the rabbit festival, whether it’s for a bypass and the tourism potential for Middleham Falls, and we have started work on the road to Middleham Falls and that will continue in this financial year as well,” the Member of Parliament stated.

Minister McIntyre says road work is also being done in Morne Prosper.

“We are constructing the road from Savanne upwards, that’s the L’Escalier road and that’s 9.1 million dollars. When we talk about roads in the valley because of our terrain and the rainfall, we are talking millions, double figures. And this is what this Government is investing in, the road network in the valley; regardless of how small the village may, regardless of which side of the fence the village may be, we are spending money in the Roseau Valley. Many other side roads will be built in Morne Prosper, and for the farmers, the Over Bridge road, in this financial year we will be investigating how we are going to rehabilitate that road as well,” Dr. McIntyre explained.

The Member of Parliament says the basketball court in Morne Prosper will also receive some attention. He says the approval was given for the fencing of the court.

“This is another thing for sports in Morne Prosper. We are going to fence the school yard, we are going to resurface the basketball court and we are already sourcing state of the art basketball backboards, see through backboards for our court in Morne Prosper,” Honourable McIntyre added.




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