Education Minister Addresses Violence in Schools

The Ministry for Education and Human Resource Development pledges its full support to secondary school principals in their efforts to tackle anti-social behavior in schools.

On Wednesday, Honorable Minister for Education and Human Resource Development Hon. Petter Saint-Jean told secondary school principals that government would support their disciplinary measures, as long as they conformed to the Education Act implemented in 1997.

The Minister also called on parents to take control of their children, stating that violence in schools is a wider societal problem.

The Education Minister’s meeting with the secondary school principals was part of a series of consultations organized by the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, with principals, teachers, parents and students to review an action plan to improve security, discipline and classroom management in schools by June 2013.

Measures proposed by the Ministry include: increased numbers of security officers at schools, improved school and classroom supervision and training for teachers in conflict resolution and classroom management.

Senior education officials have already met with parents, principals, teachers and students at the Dominica Grammar School and the Portsmouth Secondary School.

Next week, they will meet with stakeholders at the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School in St Joseph and the North East Comprehensive School in Londonderry.