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Tuesday, 29 September 2020


Member of Parliament for the Colihaut constituency, Honourable Lady Catherine Daniel, says she is pleased to represent the people of her constituency and is looking forward to the great things allocated for her constituency in the 2020/2021 fiscal year.

Honourable Daniel says one of the main projects which will be done in her constituency is the construction of the Dublanc Bridge which was damaged by Hurricane Maria.

Honourable Daniel says a team from the Ministry of Public Works and the Digital Economy visited several sites in the constituency which needs to be addressed.

“One of the interventions is the bridge in the Dublanc area, destroyed by Hurricane Maria. Mr. Speaker, just recently the Minister for Public Works and the Digital Economy and his staff visited the constituency to assess some areas of concern. They did a walk throughout the community of Colihaut, Dublanc and Bioche. Some of the projects that they saw were worked on immediately because of the hurricane season,” Honourable Daniel stated.  

The Member of Parliament informed that work has commenced on the Colihaut playing field.

“I am proud and happy to see that in this year’s budget, an allocation has been made for the renovation of the playing field; and for this we are very happy,” she noted.

The constituency has benefited from government’s housing programme. Last year commitment letters were given to the recipients of the houses in Plat Ma Pierre. The houses are nearing completion.

“The Colihaut Constituency has not been left out of the Government’s housing revolution and Plat Ma Pierre Housing is nearing completion of ten units at a total cost of 2.9 million dollars of which 2.7 million dollars has been expended to date. The people of Colihaut have been very patient. I have asked them to be patient and they are waiting patiently. They have already received letters of commitment so that is something they know they are going to receive. What is happening now is that they are building the soak-away so that it can be connected and then they can move into their houses,” Honourable Daniel added.






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