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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

The Government of Dominica, on August 7 2020, opened its borders for non-nationals. Minister for Health, Wellness and New Health Investment, Honourable Dr. Irving McIntyre says since opening its borders on July 17, so far over three hundred Dominicans have returned home.

It has been seventy-one days since the last reported case of covid-19 in Dominica and the Ministry of Health and Wellness is working extensively to keep it that way.

“The public is assured that our primary focus is, and will remain, the health and safety of Dominicans. Therefore the Government of Dominica, through the Ministry of Health Wellness and New Health Investment and other stakeholders continues to take all necessary precautions to keep all Dominicans safe. Protocols have been formulated and implemented at all ports of entry for low, medium and high risk travelers, and as a precaution all persons entering Dominica should have a negative PCR test from a nationally approved or state regulated lab. This test should be taken 24 to 72 hours prior to arrival. Travelers will also need to submit a health screening questionnaire with the PCR test results uploaded. This questionnaire needs to be submitted 24 hours prior to arrival. The correct document can be found,” the Health Minister explained.

Minister McIntyre continued to explain what will be needed before arriving into Dominica.

“Once the correct form has been submitted, a code will be generated and subsequently approval may or may not be granted. It is because we have been adhering to the necessary public health and social measures put in place, that we have been able to get to this point of no active cases and no evidence of community spread. We all remember the anxiety associated with a country on lock down and we seek the cooperation of the public to keep this from happening again. We can appreciate the fact that the situation remains fluid. This pandemic has taught us that changes may be necessary as we continue to monitor the global, regional and local situation.  The Ministry will continue to review protocols and make changes as necessary. We thank all of you Dominicans here and abroad and all those intending to visit for your continued support and cooperation,” Dr. McIntyre added.




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