The Government of Dominica are considering easing further restrictions as the country continues to reopen amidst the covid-19 pandemic.

Minister for Health, Wellness and New Health Investments, Honourable Dr. Irving McIntyre stated that due to Dominica’s current covid-19 status, the Ministry and the Government by extension are considering lifting a few more restrictions including a review of curfew hours and the opening of more businesses among others. 

“In view of our present situation, where we have no evidence of community spread, it is being considered to further relax the restrictive measures regarding the curfew hours, and also allowing the remaining businesses which are presently not opened to do so. That to include tour operators, staycations, cinemas, bars, lotto blasts and gyms. As well as the returning of public officers to their normal pre-covid stations and arrangements. Details of these changes will be made available to the public during this coming week,” the Health Minister stated.

Dr. McIntyre reminded citizens that despite the new ease in restrictions they should continue practicing proper hygiene.

“But at present, all curfew timings remains as is. The returning home of our fellow Dominicans and the increased relaxation in the restrictive measures, should not result in us letting down of our guard and losing focus. The public health and social measures such as washing of hands, wearing of masks and physical distancing must remain in practice,” Dr. McIntyre added.