The Government of Dominica is once again delivering on its promise to provide high class health care to citizens.

A major priority for the Dominica Labour Party Government is the construction of the North East Regional Hospital located in Marigot.

Construction for this hospital begun a few months ago and is moving at a very fast pace. This new hospital is being built to withstand severe weather conditions.

During a tour of the project, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, says this health facility will provide various services and the super structure should be completed by July 2020.

“We are very satisfied with the pace that they are going and quality of the construction and one can appreciate the impact this is having on the local economy of Marigot and of course the wider country cause this is a massive investment that the Government is making. Now we have agreed for this construction to take place during this period because health is always going to be critical and the availability of adequate health care facilities across Dominica is a major priority for the Government. And so we allowed the construction to take place and obviously the people are adhering to the hygienic practices,” Prime Minister Skerrit stated.

The Minister for Finance says the construction of this hospital is made possible through Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CBI). He says this is evidence that the CBI programme is beneficial to Dominica.

“It is amazing what they have accomplished so far, and I think that once this is completed we will address once and for all, all of the current and future health needs of this hospital; and to minimize and to reduce the need for those of us who reside in this health district to have to go Roseau. So we really look forward to this completion, and I am very happy because the last time we came we had not dug the foundations and now in a matter of a couple months we are back here and the extent of work completed so far is amazing. We have been advised the developer that the structure will be completed by the end of July 2020 and that is major progress. This is really a three floor structure with a basement, ground floor and of course one top floor with all of the amenities, all the services one would expect at a modern facility,” the Prime Minister noted.

A health center is also being built in the community of Marigot to provide primary health care services for residents in the north east of the island. Prime Minister Skerrit says his Government is committed to revolutionizing health care in Dominica.

Government will not only be focusing on the infrastructural aspect but also on the training of staff to provide professional service to all.

“We are revolutionizing health care, not only in terms of infrastructure but the improved services, the training of personnel, additional services to be delivered among others. When one recognizes that our lab in Dominica is internationally accredited and that we were able to test for Covid-19, this is all testament to the fact of what we have been talking about for some years now about the improvement to the delivery of health care services in our country. Our management of covid-19 is something that I believe we need to even document as a reference in the event that we are visited with any pandemic in the future because I think that we have done well in our management of  covid-19  and we should document for future reference,” he went on to say.  

Minister for Health, Wellness and New Health Investment, Honourable Dr. Irving McIntyre, says he is excited to see the forward movement of the health sector in Dominica, specifically the construction of this North East Hospital.

“This structure here, we are going to have three make wards, three female wards, and two children wards. We will also have an ICU, and in the ICU there will be dialysis facilities, and there will also be daytime outpatient dialysis facilities. We have the dental section, the accident and emergency section, we have the lab section, the pharmacy section and we also have a CT scan service up there as well. So if we can have such a facility in an area that will serve the entire north eastern region where surgeries that would have to be done at the Princess Margaret Hospital can actually be done right here in Marigot, well it just shows you the intention of the Government to bring health care right to the people as well,” Dr. McIntyre stated.

Minister of State in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Planning, Honourable Gregory Riviere, says he is pleased to be part of this mission.

“This was a project that was considered to be an election gimmick but now we are seeing the reality and we recognize that this Government is serious about development. This Government is serious about the development of people and as such we will ensure that all the necessary facilities are in place to make people as comfortable as possible. I want to say a huge thank you to the Government of Dominica. The Government saw it fitting to invest in this facility and I want to commend the Government for letting us have this facility in Marigot,” Honourable Riviere further added.

New modern, climate resilient community polyclinics will be built at: Anse de Mai, Bellvue Chopin, Colihaut, Mahaut, Newtown, Penville, Portsmouth, Roseau, Salybia, Vielle Case and Wesley.