As Government is constructing a major hospital in the north east of the island, fourteen community polyclinics are being constructed across the island to compliment this major step for health care in Dominica.

Minister for Health, Wellness and New Health Investment, Honourable Dr. Irving McIntyre headed a cabinet delegation on a visit of the various sites to observe firsthand the progress being made thus far.

The Wesley constituency is one of the constituencies which will benefit from the improved health care.

“This is Government’s commitment to health care across the country and as Parliamentary Representative for the Wesley Constituency, I am very pleased at this stage of construction. We have had a few setbacks, given the coronavirus but we are progressing nicely. I have spoken with the contractors and we are looking at a completion date within early September to October and this is good news especially for our elderly persons within the communities who would be able to get primary health care at a convenient location to them. It is a much improved facility to what we have now and with development going on in the area in terms of the international airport, we should see an increased traffic. We have seen expansion in terms of our housing program for the constituency so this facility at this time is very much needed and appreciated on behalf of the constituency of Wesley,” Minister Grant stated.

The Vielle Case Health Centre is near completion and the Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister, Honourable Oscar George, says the facility will soon be completed.

The Dominica Labour Party government is committed to quality health care in Dominica and the construction of these polyclinics will boost primary health care in communities.

“This in itself is a testimony to the Government’s commitment to the development of primary health care. We know that primary health care is very important given it whole context and given the advent of covid-19. And with all what’s going on in the international world has significantly affected a number of countries and their ability to implement health care programs; and in Dominica we are so committed that we have continued our progress in health care facilities and not just in Vielle Case but also a number of other health care facilities around Dominica. So that in itself is very commendable. The state of the art health center in Vielle Case will be fully equipped with a pharmacy, a section where ambulances can be accessed, a doctor’s quarters, up to date telecommunication services, among other amenities. So all in all it is an up to date modern facility which will greatly enhance health care provision in the entire constituency,” Minister George explained.

Government has a vision for the Georgetown housing development making this community. Member of Parliament for the Portsmouth constituency, Honourable Ian Douglas, says he is excited for this new polyclinic that will bring medical change in that constituency.

“It is good that yes we have the Portsmouth Hospital, but we needed another area decentralized from the Portsmouth Hospital to be able to serve all of the people in the area. The people from Portsmouth would know that we had a health center a number of years ago, which went into dilapidation and we then we converted it into the free station which is up in Zicack and so we never really had a health center which is a Type 3 medical facility because we have the Portsmouth hospital since the demolition of the former health center. So we are very pleased and we found this location is very fitting,” Minister Douglas noted.

Minister for Health, Wellness and New Health Investment, Dr. Irving McIntyre, says the infrastructure is a plus but human resource has a pivotal role to play in this new health services.

“I said it before the infrastructure is very important, but also the human resource that can give the services at these health centers is just as important. So we also working on the human resource aspect of it. Now having said this, the other part that has to fit into the whole equation is we the people to make use of the services. We have to make use of those service so that we can have a healthier population and a more productive population, because we must see the impact of all these investments that Government is doing for health care,” Dr. McIntyre added.