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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

The Dominica Manufacturing Association (DMA) hosted a consultation for various Government ministries and stakeholders to discuss the way forward for Dominica’s manufacturing sector.

The consultation was aimed at developing greater collaboration among the Government departments and manufactures associated in increasing the contribution of value added production in strengthening the development of the Dominican economy.

The discussions focused on how manufactures and work seamlessly with the public sector in order to access the resources available for increasing production to enhance their readiness to supply the needs of not just the local consumers but also the export markets.

Secretary of the Dominica Manufacturers Association, Naomi Bannis-Samson stated that the manufacturing sector is important to the development of the country as it provides links to other major sectors in Dominica.

“The Dominica Manufactures Association recognizes the importance of the manufacturing sector to the sustainable growth of the economy and its linkages to other key sectors to include but not limited to Agriculture, Tourism, Trade, Education and the services industry. It is evident that a wide variety of products imported into Dominica all originate from the manufacturing sector of foreign countries to which we contribute to jobs and the growth of their economies. This is something that we would like to change as an association and we hope that like-minded individuals can join us on this course,” Bannis stated.

She added that the DMA will continue to work towards creating a better sector for its members.

“In pushing forward an agenda for manufacturers the DMA is committed to providing its membership with training consultations, sourcing markets, providing secretariat services, provide opportunities for exports and avenues for display of products, help with advertisements and promotion of products, source financing, provide technical support, be the voice of manufacturers and influence policies pertaining to the sector and collaborate with stakeholders for the benefit of the sector and we hope to extend this list in the near future. We want to collaborate with the various relevant ministries and other stakeholders for the achievement of increased production of goods and services at the national level,” Bannis added.

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