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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Head of the Citizenship by Investment Unit, Ambassador Emmanuel Nanthan has attributed the success of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Unit to a solid market of investors and proper marketing.

Ambassador Nanthan stated that private conferences and meetings have been held for the purpose of marketing the island’s CBI program, while continuing to work with CS Global, who handles most of the programs marketing.

He noted that they continue to take pride in conducting their due diligence to ensure that the program does not get affected due to negative publicity.

“We actually worked on getting the projects going. So in addition to having prices that are conducive to them, we have gone on a number of private conferences organized by the developers to sell their projects. So these projects are getting direct things from them. But we have also of course continued to have CS Global as our major architect in marketing our program and they continue to market our program all around. There are a number of issues right now, for example the issues with Iran; and so we are trying to ensure that our due diligence continues to be on top. So we have put a ban on Iranians who live and or work in Iran. We will deal with Iranians but only those who live outside of Iran and have their revenue coming outside of Iran for the last ten years or at least ten years. So that takes us from operating in the hotspots,” the Ambassador explained.

He noted that the new developments taking place all over the island keeps investors and potential clients interested in the country.

“We were very pleased and proud to be rated as the world’s best CBI programme for the last three years by a reputable firm such as the Financial Times of London. We have seen them coming to Dominica a few times in the last year and they have been very impressed with what has been happening. And when they see what has been going in Dominica from the hotels to the houses to the NEP and the work they are doing in keeping the environment clean, and they are proud to be associated with Dominica and their program,” Nanthan stated.

Ambassador Nanthan added that the country’s CBI is a solid programme with clear benefits.

He went on to thank the staff, agents and the developers for their work in ensuring a successful program. 

“These are some of the things that help us sell because we are a solid program. We are entering our 27th year as a CBI program in Dominica and there are things that people can see that’s happening with CBI monies here in the country. We want to thank the staff of the CBI Unit who continue to work hard day in, day out. We want to thank the developers for doing the projects for being ethical in what they do. That for us is important, getting the work done is important, working together as a team, not just for the CBI office here but for working with the developers and the agents and the other Government departments and that for us is very important. We continue to do what we have to do, going to the different conferences, engage our promoters, engage CS Global in our marketing and selling the program in the areas where we believe, the market is solid and where there is a demand for our program,” Ambassador Nanthan added.

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