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Wednesday, 12 August 2020


North: From the estuary of the Roseau River along that river to a point west of the Teachers' Training College at Bath Estate;

North-East: From a point in the Roseau River west of the Teacher's Training College at Bath Estate along the river in a south-easterly direction to a point known as Under Power;

South-East: From the point in the Roseau River known as Under Power in a south-westerly direction to the eastern gate of the Botanical Gardens, then along the Main Road through the Botanical Gardens to the southern gate of the Botanical Gardens, then southerly along Bath Road to its intersection with Victoria Street then along a straight line to the sea;

South-West: The sea.






Melissa Poponne Skerrit

Glenroy Cuffy



N.B There are twenty-two (22) candidates who will be contesting elections for the first time and thirteen (13) female candidates.

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