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Wednesday, 12 August 2020


North: From the estuary of the Layou River along the southern bank to its intersection with the Layou-Pont Casse Road at York Valley Estate, then along that road to Layou Park Estate;

North-East: From Layou Park Estate along to the western side of the Layou-Pont Casse road to the road junction at Pont Casse then along a straight line to Morne Trois Pitons;

South-East: From Morne Trois Pitons in a straight line to the source of the Checkhall River, then along the Checkhall River, to its intersection with Roger-Pont Casse Road;

East: From the intersection of the Checkhall River and the Roger-Pont Casse Road, then along a straight line due south to a point in the Boeri River;

South-West: From the point in the Boeri River on the western boundary of this boundary, along that river to its estuary;

West: The sea


Canefield, Campbell, Massacre, Mahaut, Roger, Springfield, Warner, Tarreau, Layou Park, Jimmit


Rayburn Blackmoore – Dominica Labour Party

Felix Hayden Thomas – United Workers Party



N.B There are twenty-two (22) candidates who will be contesting elections for the first time and thirteen (13) female candidates.

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