A team comprising, Government representatives, DOWASCO officials and finance experts went on a tour of the West Coast Water Supply Project on Wednesday.

The tour began at the construction site of the Coulibistrie intake and ended in Capuchin where all the pipes lead.

That expansive water project when completed will supply residents from as far as Salisbury in the west to Capuchin in the north with potable water.

During the tour, GIS news spoke with Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Water Resource Management, Davis Letang who revealed that the West Coast Water Supply Project is one part of a wider social and economic strategy for the people of Dominica.

He further explained in talk about a national water policy.

“Currently we are also trying to see with all what we are doing now, how we can put together some kind of master plan.  We have started with a water policy which very shortly will be going to cabinet.  Out of that we are hoping we can develop a more holistic plan for water (not just potable water) and to bring water to homes but to also look at varied uses of water and the significance of water to the economy and to the social development in Dominica.”

Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Water Resource Management, Hon. Ivor Stephenson also spoke to GIS.

He expressed how satisfying it was to be able to witness firsthand the demonstration of Government’s commitment to providing potable water to west coast residents and Dominicans on a whole.

The West Coast Water Supply system will cost Government 31 million dollars.

Another water project visited during that tour on Wednesday was the site of the Bense/ Anse De Mai/ Anse Sol Dat Water Supply System.

Government made that pledge to the residents of those communities in July earlier this year and committed 2.9 million dollars to the cause.

The touring team on Wednesday saw firsthand the amount of activity ongoing to supply residents with reliable drinking water.

Bernard Etinoffe is General Manager of DOWASCO.

“The people of Bense have been suffering for a long time.  The Government and DOWASCO just recently came together with the people and awarded two contracts for the Bense Water System. Roads leading to the intake are being constructed into the river.”

Etinoffe clarified that work is nearing completion.

“The storage tank is probably 40/45% complete, going very well and pipe works are about 80% complete at this stage throughout the village. Both Lot One and Lot Two are ongoing simultaneously and we’re hoping that within another nine [or] ten months, the village of Bense/ Anse De Mai/ Anse Sol Dat will have a very good water system.

Stewco construction was awarded the contract for that water project.