Millions to be invested in Feeder Road Development

Government is currently investing $2 million E.C dollars in the rehabilitation of feeder roads in communities across the country.

Agriculture Minister Hon. Matthew Walter says work has started in the St. Joseph/ Carholm area.

“Government is going to invest two million dollars in the rehabilitation of feeder roads. The Prime Minister has made that pronouncement and the Ministry of Public Works has gone ahead and prepared the designs and the estimates. Work has started on feeder roads in the St.Joseph/Carholm area. The other identified feeder roads on that list will see rehabilitation done forthwith.”

Minister Matthew Walter says in addition to $2 million dollars set aside for feeder road development by Finance Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, a further $15 million is becoming available to service the country’s farm access roads.

The $15 million, according to the minister, is grant funding being made available under the programme known as BAM – Banana Accompanying Measures.

“We have additional money under the BAM in an amount of close to 15 million dollars which we have to invest in the rehabilitation of feeder roads across the country. We cannot do every feeder road because we will not have sufficient financial resources. The EU was here last week and they traversed a few of the feeder roads that are enlisted for rehabilitation”.

The Minister says emphasis will be placed on rehabilitating feeder roads where farmers have been found to be productive.

The Minister says “The rehabilitation of feeder roads cost a lot of money”.

“We will not be able to repair all the feeder roads in Dominica but the emphasis will be on the most productive areas where the farmers are showing real interest and commitment to work. It doesn’t make any sense that Government invests money in infrastructure that absolutely no economic activities are taking place. It is quite obvious that if we have to spend money on the rehabilitation of feeder roads that the farmers must understand that they must show sustained interest in their work and that the area where they are cultivating is an area that is being productive,” the Minister noted.

The Grant funds under the European Union’s Banana Accompanying measures (BAM) are expected to be disbursed to Dominica by the first quarter of next year.