The Dublanc/Bioche village council will continue works on the community’s sporting facility with a contribution of thirty five thousand dollars from the Dominica Government.

Parliamentary Representative for the Colihaut Constituency Honorable Lady Catherine Daniel presented the cheque to the Dublanc/Bioche Village Council at a presentation ceremony held on Wednesday October 16th 2019.

Honorable Daniel stated that the monies handed over will be utilized for the completion of the sports pavilion in the community.

“One of the areas that the sporting community have been troubled about is the completion of the pavilion. We have started, we gave them some money plus other agencies have assisted but if you look you can see that it’s incomplete. And since we are there refurbishing the playing field still, and it’s an ongoing process, a work in progress. So I have come here to deliver to the council, on behalf of the sporting community a cheque in the amount of thirty five thousand dollars. This cheque will go towards the completion and re-roofing of the pavilion and as we move forward we will see what else needs to be done as we assess the work that will be completed when this cheque is utilized,” Minister Daniel stated.

Honorable Daniel noted that the village council will be expected to work with the sports division to ensure the desired completion of the project.

“The cheque comes with instructions because we have to work collaboratively with the Ministry of Sports so that we get the finished product that we want,” the Minister added.

Chairman of the Dublanc/Bioche Village Council Curtis Francois thanked the Government for their timely contribution toward the community adding that this is part of the vision for development in Dublanc.

“I just want to thank the Government and of course our Parliamentary Representative for making this timely contribution towards the pavilion. Dublanc as we know has been really doing good at community sports and to improve on it, we need assistance like this to go further into enhancing the facilities that they used for the sports. I am talking about football, cricket and all the other sports affiliated with our community,” Francoise stated.

He went on to further thank the Parliamentary Representative and the Government by extension, before adding that they will soon begin discussions with the Ministry of Sports.

“And that’s the kind of development that we want, the development that we are talking about so that as a community we can move forward, and I just want to thank the Government because this is very important for us. So, we will work on this as soon as possible, we will be calling the sports people, and we will have a discussion. And as the Pal Rep said, this is just some of the money which will be used to do the roof,” the Chairman added.