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Tuesday, 07 July 2020

Prime Minister of Dominica, Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit has commended Montreal Management Consultants for the high quality construction techniques introduced to Dominica post Hurricane Maria.

The Honorable Prime Minister made the remark as he addressed the official hand over of sixty six homes to residents of Castle Bruce last week.

The homes are yet another demonstration of Government’s commitment to improve the island’s housing stock and another product of Montreal Management Consultants.

“They have been a trusted partner of the Government and people of Dominica and they have been fulfilling every commitment that they have had with the Government of Dominica. What you see in the picture is what we are delivering to the people of Dominica,” the Prime Minister stated.

The Castle Bruce Housing Project, as well as similar projects ongoing across the island are financed by the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

“The entire project you see here is financed by the CBI. The CBI has been good to us, and I can say had it not been for the CBI, after the hurricane in particular, we would have difficulties. Because the bulk of monies we have spent, as of today the 17th of September, 2019, has been state funds, our money. So all the homes we the Government have fixed, all the monies you got from the village councils, from the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Housing, were from Government funds, and this has been a significant sum,” PM Skerrit noted.

Parliamentary Representative for the Castle Bruce constituency, Honourable Johnson Drigo stated that he is impressed with the quality of work done by the contractors.

“We are satisfied that a top engineering and reputable building firm in MMCE has delivered a masterpiece of projects. Residents of this new apartment, tis is now going to be your new home. You are entering a state of the art real estate property, with master bedrooms, water heaters, hurricane resistant glass windows, and the list goes on and on,” Minister Drigo stated.

Minister Drigo also encouraged the residents to uphold a sense of friendliness in their new homes.

“Everyone who got a home here deserves it, so please take care of it. Leave like a family. You now have next door neighbours, so be your brother’s keeper,” he added.

Meantime Project Manager of MMCE, Christopher Timmins stated that developers have taken all actions necessary to ensure the quality of the residencies constructed.

“We are confident that the foundation design won’t settle, and will withstand seismic and water activity. Sometimes people question and ask why when we take possession of a site, we can’t commence building straight away. The reasons are simple; every building requires a unique and structural solution for each location. This can only be done after all geological testing is completed,” Timmins explained.


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