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Thursday, 06 August 2020

The Discover Dominica Authority is incorporating new ways to market the island to the rest of the world this Independence season.

This was announced by Director of Tourism, and Chief Executive Officer of the Discover Dominica Authority, Colin Piper at the launch of the 2019 Independence Season last Wednesday.

Piper stated that Dominica’s Creole culture should be embraced as part of building of building a more modern and resilient Dominica.

“As we prepare to mark forty one years, there is a new urgency to capture the greater imagination of our people to shape a modern and successful Dominica. This calls for integrating the best talents of Dominica, with the beauty of the island and mix them to create an authentic and truly powerful brand that gives us a unique place in the global community,” he stated.

He went on to say that as “stewards of our homeland, we have been entrusted with the bountiful nature of this land, its rich culture, its dynamic people, an abundance of water, fertile soil, rich eco-systems, vibrant colors, and a patriotic fervor which draws us apart from other civilizations. For us we are celebrating this unique power of the homeland to create opportunities for our wellbeing and for our individual and collective prosperity.”

Piper noted that Dominica’s natural attributes and heritage mark the island’s individuality which should be utilized in forging a more resilient society.

“We in the tourism industry have recognized the tremendous value of utilizing those unique and authentic elements of the cultural embodiment and spirit of our people and society. We are therefore very conscious of the need to take and utilize more fully those elements of our heritage which set us apart. It is about the sense of pride and togetherness of forging a modern Dominican identity which takes into account our ‘creoleness’, our ‘creolity’, our appreciation, and sense of rhythms and movements, deep community spirit, and the ability to strive to build stronger and better, and to create a more resilient society in the face of the vulnerabilities that we face,” the tourism director noted.

Piper added that the tourism industry is prepared to utilize elements of the Dominica’s culture in its marketing strategy and encourages Dominicans to embrace their creole heritage further in order to continue growing Dominica’s tourism industry.

“As we celebrate another anniversary, it is extremely important that our tourism industry deepens its understanding and make more effective use of those attributes of our cultural heritage. As an industry, we intend to more effectively place in our marketing mix as well as in the packaging of our tourism offerings, elements of this distinctive culture to attract new visitors and to reconnect with those who have long supported our industry,” he noted.

Piper went on to encourage citizens to assist the industry to embrace Dominica’s heritage in order to build the tourism sector.

“We as citizens must embrace fully the more enlightened use of our creole language, the infectious rhythms of our musicians, the scenic beauty of our island, and the heritage sites that are uniquely ours. We must also consider the use of our local cuisine, local fashion and designs and the rich art and craft made by our talented artists. It is then that our tourism industry will intrinsically and organically embrace our creole culture further and it will permeate our market as we continue to grow our tourism industry for the benefit of the many stakeholders,” Piper further added.


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