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Thursday, 06 August 2020

Director of Hurricane Relief for the Caribbean North Foundation Frances Delsol has commended the Government and people of Dominica for the remarkable progress made in its recovery efforts post Hurricane Maria.

Delsol addressed the “And Can It Be” thanksgiving concert on Thursday September 19 at the Windsor Park Sport Stadium which was held to observe the second anniversary of a disaster which devastated the island.

Delsol stated that she is “in awe at the rebirth that has taken place and the extent of the work that continues to be done socially and in infrastructure, and the positive impact that Dominica has generated regionally and internationally for the most part because of your current leadership.”

“Many of your fellow Dominicans in the diaspora are elated that Dominica has regained her beauty, she is standing tall once more,” she noted.

Delsol went on to say that the Dominicans home and abroad should be proud of the progress that has been made so far and how the Government has led the recovery.

“That we could have emerged from one of the world’s worst disasters; that we an independent country slowly making progress by the sweat of our brows were brought to our knees on September 18th 2017, and today we stand proudly, praising God for bringing us through it. We are thankful to this administration who led the charge and took Dominica from doom and gloom, to regaining its honour and its rightful place in the world, now to emerge a leader in the fight against climate change,” she further added.


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