At an Early Childhood Development National Symposium last Wednesday, Minister for Education, Hon. Petter Saint Jean announced to the nation his ministry’s tri-level approach to early childhood development.

Hon Saint Jean explained that this new plan addresses the education of infants from 0 to 3 years.

“Today I wish to inform you that as we seek to achieve universal access to early childhood education, to create access for our children, we will concentrate on three major areas over a three year period.  For this academic year 2012/2013, we will focus on creating access for our children three to five years old.  In the next academic year 2013/2014, our focus will be on improving access to early stimulation for our children 0-3 years and for the academic year 2014/2015, the focus will be on personal development where we will pay close attention to broadening the training scope and opportunities for the practitioners and care givers.”

The minister further stated that the Ministry of Education is directly involved in ensuring that universal early childhood education is fully and properly implemented.

In that vein, eight hundred, thousand dollars has already been disbursed to early childhood centres across the island to help with setting up costs and other expenses.

The Minister stated, “It must be noted that for three years now, every registered childhood development centre on the island has received a subvention for every term and to date over eight hundred thousand dollars has been expended.”

The Ministry of Education also provides training for educators, and teaching/learning materials.