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Thursday, 06 August 2020

Dominicans will be remembered for their relentless efforts to rebuild the country following the utter devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017.

That is according to Prime Minister of Dominica, Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit who was addressing the nation at a thanksgiving concert, dubbed ‘And Can It Be’ held last Thursday at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium.

During his address, the nation’s leader stated that the development that has taken place since the passage of Hurricane Maria is inspiring.

“Indeed ladies and gentlemen, history has already began to record this country’s response to Hurricane Maria. Already today, when people speak of Hurricane Maria they are speak in awe of Dominica, of what this country, this population, this Government, with the support of our friends far and wide have done I very little time to build back better from that night of terror destruction and despair. Maria forced us to rebuild, and to build back better,” the Prime Minister stated.  

He went on note that it will take the support of all nationals to continue to rebuild a stronger more resilient nation.

“Together, all Dominicans must now prepare for the next phase of our national development, a stronger, more resilient, more developed, more dynamic Dominica. When I say all Dominicans. I mean all Dominicans, those at home and abroad, and those of every political persuasion. This country belongs to all of us, to each and every one of us, and it is our duty and our responsibility to give Dominica our very best,” he further added.


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