Public Service evolving in a major way -Hon. Charles Savarin

Minister responsible for the Public Service believes the Public Service has transformed in a major way over the past few years.

In his speech to the nation on the occasion of Public Service Day 2012, he highlighted several efforts that were made toward upgrading the efficiency of the Public Service.

“For the benefit of the public service as a whole and the listening public in general, I wish to refer to some of the main transformation initiatives undertaken which may have inspired a public officer to craft the theme, ‘Our Public Service, Transforming, Modernising, Positively Changing,’ for this year’s observance as a true reflection of the strides the public service has been making.  These include the Asycuda World at the Customs and Excise Department costing approximately five million EC dollars, the Unified Land Information System costing about two million dollars, the Online Business Registration System costing  two hundred and twenty thousand, eight hundred dollars and the E-Government for regional integration at a cost of 7.3 million dollars.

Minister for Labour, Hon. Charles Savarin addressed the nation on Friday under the theme: The Public Service: Transforming, Modernising, and Positively Changing.

Minister Savarin also expressed Government’s appreciation of the Public Service.

“Government recognises the tremendous effort and commitment of Public Officers to the development of the state and therefore continues to make available biennially the funds necessary for this important activity.”

The Minister also highlighted a number of activities that led up to Public Service Day on December 7th, 2012.

“This year, activities have been ongoing from April 2012 [while] the official launch took place in June 2012.  The major events, among other things included a hike on segments of the Waitukubuli National Trail, indoor games, football and basket ball games, a family fun day, talent night, a church service on Monday December 2, 2012 at the St. Alphonsus Church and a panel discussion on OECS integration, its impact on the public service.”

Minister Savarin made special mention of the community outreach programme which serves as an avenue for civil servants to demonstrate their humanitarian spirit.

“In 2010 a community outreach programme was introduced as part of public service day activities and funds were collected from public service officers to contribute toward the social cause. From funds collected in 2010, a donation of a fully automatic washing machine was made to the Northern District Home for the Aged in Grange, Portsmouth.  A stand for erecting a sink for washing was also constructed.  This year from funds collected at the talent night and the church service, contributions will be made to the House of Hope in Delices and Chances House of Safety in Jimmit.  Public Officers also visited with residents of Operation Youth Quake, provided a meal and participated in recreational activities and inspirational talks with them.”

His speech also noted that the public sector must aim to set standards of excellence.

He ended with these words of encouragement.

“No matter what area of work we are engaged in let us seek God in all that we do.  Let us pursue excellence and by so doing helping our country, our organizations, our businesses and our people to grow both materially and spiritually.”