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Wednesday, 12 August 2020


Students of the Dominica State College have been assured that the Government’s upcoming budget will cover a maintenance component for the State College.

The promise of this came from the Hon Prime Minster, Roosevelt Skerrit.

Hon Skerrit explained that government, due the passage of Hurricane Maria, had to make many difficult decisions including redirecting money for dealing with more urgent concerns for the welfare of the people.

“I want to say to students of the Dominica State College and secondary schools in Dominica, that this year’s budget will feature a significant maintenance component. We had to go easy on maintenance over the last two years while we grappled with returning roofs over the heads of families across the island. I hear the cries of the students at the State College and I see the consequence of unsatisfactory maintenance; but we had to choose between securing the replacing of your homes and maintaining your doors and windows at the college.”


The Prime Minister says it was necessary to focus needs of students who were abroad to ensure those students could continue their studies.

“We had choose between aiding and sustaining our students abroad and replacing the broken desk or chair in our secondary schools. Remember my dear people, resources are not in flight. We have each day to cut and contrive and to choose one thing over the other, but rest assured that we are fully cognizant of the concerns of special interest groups in Dominica, because we are a Government with our ears very close to the ground and we listen.”

The Prime Minister made these remarks at the Delegates Conference Of the Dominica Labour Party on February 17, 2019.

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