Motorists using the Morne Prosper Road now have a much improved road to drive on.

Public Works Minister Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore disclosed this week that work on the first phase of the Morne Prosper Road Rehabilitation Project is now complete.

“We have just completed the first phase of the Morne Prosper road rehabilitation works where we have actually placed a new asphalted concrete surface.  We have improved the culverts, we have seen the installation of retaining walls and the final component of the project will include concrete drains and that is to be started shortly.”

Meantime work is now ongoing on the Copthall Road which leads into the community of Wotten Waven.

“We have started the drain work to be followed by a new asphalted surfact that leads up to the bridge.”

In recent time the Government of Dominica has paid much attention to rehabilitating a number of the island’s roads.

Just last week a new asphalted surface was placed on the road leading to the new E.C. Loblack Bridge.