Young people within the Roseau vicinity will soon have a brand new recreational facility to engage in positive sporting activities.

The Government recently begun work on the state of the art facility which will include the construction of a football pitch as well as two basketball courts. Students of the Dominica Grammar School will benefit significantly from this initiative.  The new facility when completed, can be found alongside the new DGS and behind the Windsor Park Sport Stadium.

Labour Party Representative for Roseau Central, Senator the Hon. Alvin Bernard says this project will compliment the Windsor Park Sport Stadium in a major way.

“The Government of Dominica has always recognized the displacement effect of the Windsor Park Sport Stadium notwithstanding the strategic purpose for which it was located in that area, however the recreational grounds that is now under construction was meant to address that situation, recognizing that the children in Roseau Central are without a playing facility for their recreational and sporting activities.”

Offshore Marine Construction Company has been contracted to undertake the project which is costing close to two million dollars.

“The complete project will be in the region of about 1.7 million dollars; however I must say, that estimate includes a number of other amenities that we intend to put in the area.  We want to have the facility available for a long period as possible in any given day so that we can have maximum use of the facility. That would mean we would like to have proper washroom facilities, proper lighting and we would also like to have at least one of the courts covered.  The estimates that I just mentioned will include all of that.”

The first component of the project currently being done involves excavation and drainage works.

“This will include of course the cutting and filling of the area and the disposal of excess material as well as the construction of drainage.  We are quite keen on having a proper drainage [system] so we can have the sustainability and durability of the facility bearing in mind the stress level that will be placed on it as a result of the significant use by the children and youth of the immediate community as well as the school children.”

The Roseau Recreational Facility is just one of several projects by the Government of Dominica which is focused on advancing the youth.