His Excellency the president Eliud T. Williams, D.A.H., F.C.M.I. has begun his annual Christmas visits to charitable organisations.

The President, accompanied by members of the President’s Charities Foundation, has visited the Operation Youth Quake, Mount Carmel Retirement Home, Mahaut Senior Citizens Home and The Grotto Home for the Homeless so far.

Those organisations are also recipients of cash donations from the President’s Charities Dinner which was held in July.

The first stop for the President His Excellency Eliud Williams was the Operation Youth Quake where he acknowledged the work being done there.

The President then interacted with some students and also toured the facility.

Next stop to deliver some early Christmas cheer was the Mount Carmel Retirement Home.

The President also spoke before a second gift was handed over to the Home.

The Mahaut Senior Citizens’ Home was grateful for the donation received from the President’s Charities Foundation.  Before going on a tour of the facility and speaking with the residents, secretary of the Home’s board of trustees, Nathalie Sampson told the President that the organisation is always happy to receive the Head of State...even more so in their newly constructed building.

Sampson explained that while the building has been upgraded to a six hundred thousand dollar structure, administrators still face a few challenges with supplying sufficient beds to accommodate more seniors.

His Excellency President Williams told the five member staff not to lose hope and to keep working to the best of their abilities whether or not they are recognised.

“It seems like it’s always the same people offering services everywhere but don’t be discouraged because the records show that it is the same [people being of service] at home, school and at church. Apparently, the reward for good work is more work so some people are too busy doing nothing and others are always finding worthwhile things to do. I’m really glad that you are continuing to provide support to the elders who [live] here.”

The Charities Foundation handed the donation to chairperson of the Mahaut senior Citizens’ Home, Audrey Thomas who expressed gratitude on behalf of the organisation and paused to remember Marvlyn Robinson -a recently-deceased member of the President’s Charities Foundation.

His Excellency President Williams also visited the Grotto Home for the Homeless.

Manager of the Grotto, Jacqueline Theodore welcomed the officials to the establishment saying that the President’s Office has always been a significant supporter of the Home.

Secretary to the Board of Directors, Tina Alexander said how grateful the institution is for the donors including the President’s Office who have been charitable to the Grotto Home.

Alexander highlighted that despite the challenges facing the institution; they are pleased with the status of work ongoing to construct a new facility in Bellevue Rawle.

The President remarked that, “It’s always a pleasure to be of assistance to residents of institutions like this...the sort of effort that is required to run an [organisation] like this without having a fixed budget, I know can be a challenge ...your appeal today tells me that sometimes there is more that we can do... From the Office of the President and the other institutions with which I am associated, I will see how we can assist you further.”


Overall, the President donated a 100lb bag of sugar, rice and other gifts respectively to the organisations in addition to monies from the Charities’ Foundation Dinner.