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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Secretary to the Cabinet, His Excellency Steve Ferrol says in order to achieve and maintain the vision of rebuilding Dominica to be the first climate resilient nation in the world, the public service must carry its weight by becoming functional on levels.

This, he believes can be achieved if that sector recognizes its constraints and is ready to be refocused.

The Cabinet Secretary, member on the committee which is a forerunner of the Climate Resilient Executing Agency of Dominica, (CREAD), explained the importance of a public service that is ready to help fulfil and maintain the nation’s climate resilience goal.

“This new vision of building back better in every sector already requires a new public service governance and administrative structure. In this regard, we are a bit behind. We have seen the capacity constraints and the limitations of our existing processes and know that we need an overhauled and refocused public service and we need it now,” he stressed.

“A public service that recognises its capacity constraints and quickly identifies the specific skill sets required; a public service that can quickly determines the exact mix between the minimum required within the system and those areas that will require outside help; a public service that is prepared for a massive transfer of skill sets, new operating procedures that is now available and must be retained if we are to build back better and maintain Dominica as the first climate resilient nation once we get there,” he said further.

In addition to the national goal for climate resilience, a climate resilience strategy for each ministry is being drafted with the support of the ministry of planning. The Cabinet Secretary says the National Resilient Development Strategy is well on its way to being completed.

“The strategy includes key focus on all ministries in an effort to build resilience in all sectors,” he noted.

His excellency Ferrol was speaking at the launching of Public Service Day last Friday at the Goodwill Parish Hall.

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