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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

In about a year, three hundred and thirty families in the east of Dominica will receive keys to their new homes. “It is not the first time we’ve had disaster in Dominica, but the records will show that it is only this government, this party that has reached out to people in that manner after a hurricane or a storm,” the Hon Prime Minister and Minister for Housing, Roosevelt Skerrit said as he addressed the official launching of Government’s East Coast Housing Project on Wednesday June 6th at the Caste Bruce playing field.

Government continues to move aggressively to provide safe, suitable and comfortable housing to vulnerable families across the island and the occasion marked the commencement of the construction of sixty-six apartment units each in five communities in the east.

“After the hurricane, all our homes were affected, many of our homes were crushed to the ground and the government felt that it had to respond very quickly to this disaster. So, while many of us, most of us, if not all of us were involved in relief, the government had moved into gear of recovery and rebuilding very early after the hurricane,” the Prime Minister said.

He informed that all of the designs of the apartment complexes, the location for them to be built, the purchase of land, tests and studies for suitability of the locations identified were done after hurricane Maria struck Dominica in September last year.

Member of Parliament for Castle Bruce, Johnson Drigo shared his exuberance for the project coming to his constituents.

“Help is on the way my dear people; your government is about to build over sixty apartments for you here in Castle Bruce.” He reassured his people that those living in unsuitable conditions after the hurricane will soon have keys to their own homes “thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Hon Prime Minister …and the Dominica Labour Party government.”

Sixty-six one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom units each will be constructed in Delices, La Plaine, Castle Bruce, San Sauveur and Grand Fond.

Some have questioned government’s move to provide housing in the form of these apartment complexes in rural communities, but the Hon Prime Minister says this is the safest way to house citizens in secure locations and limit the use of agricultural land.

GIS News spoke to some of those who may benefit from this housing program. They are already grateful for government’s intervention on their behalf.

The housing minister revealed that this is only one phase of the housing project as citizens who own land but are unable to afford constructing their homes will also be assisted.

In total, the east will see the construction of over five hundred new residences as government has also signed contracts for two hundred apartments in Salybia.

This housing programme will also be introduced in other parts of the island such as Portsmouth, Roseau, Massacre and the Kalinago Territory.

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