Prime Minister To Meet With Marigot Village Council and Engage in a Number of Interventions

The Hon Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Housing and Lands, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit has disclosed his intention to meet one on one with Marigot village council to discuss issues of concern in that community.

Hon Skerrit made this announcement during the first debate at this week’s seating of Parliament.

“They wrote asking to see me on matters relating to the development of Marigot and I gladly accepted their request to meet with me,” he divulged.

The nation’s leader lamented that the Marigot constituency which is filled with talented and progressive individuals has over the years lacked the proper leadership to harness those skills and bring progress to the constituency. The Marigot constituency is represented in Parliament by Leader of the Opposition, Lennox Linton.

Hon Skerrit outlined several interventions to take place in that part of the island over the next week.


Fifty More People to be added to the National Employment Programme


The people of Marigot have expressed an interest to have even more persons engaged under the National Employment Programme. The programme which was established to reduce the rate of unemployment particularly among the youth has to date engaged more than one thousand individuals across the country.

“This week the NEP office is going to be meeting with people in Marigot because there are additional people who would like to be part of the NEP, especially with clean-up and beautification. I have told the office that I am prepared as the Minister of Finance to give up about fifty spaces for the residents of Marigot,” the Prime Minister informed the House.

The programme, which has changed the lives of many Dominicans has several components including clean- up and beautification of communities, job placement with the private sector and the public sector in areas such as education and health services.


Small Business Unit to bring its Services to Marigot Next Week

Those who are self-employed or have initiatives waiting to get off the ground in the Marigot constituency will have the opportunity, next week, to put their ideas on paper and possibly receive funding to commence their projects.

The Hon Prime Minister and Minister for Finance informed that upon his instruction the Small business Unit will be in Marigot next week receive applications for small business ideas there.

“Next week I am sending the small business unit to Marigot because there are a lot of progressive young people in Marigot. We will be sending the small business unit there to meet with the people of Marigot and to receive from them proposals with a view to providing them direct support.”

The Hon Prime Minister expressed his commitment to keeping to his word to the village council and said he looks forward with eagerness to the meeting with them.