Road Works continue in Roseau South

As works continue in the Roseau South Constituency, Parliamentary Representative, Hon. Ambrose George along with GIS News visited the site last week.


The purpose of the visit was to get an update on the status of the Castle Comfort/Wall House Link Road Project which commenced about three weeks ago.


The MP stated that Government’s drive to upgrade roads and infrastructure across the island did not exclude the Roseau South Constituency.


“We consider it to be a very important road linking the two communities of Castle Comfort and Wall House. Moreover, it can serve as a link road to the main Lalay Cocoa/ Castle Comfort road in the event that if anything should happen, this road could actually serve as a bypass to the south and south east of the country.  It is in fact a very important road.  It has been requested for some time but we are now able to begin the project.  The works are being undertaken quite expeditiously. I believe that the quality of works being undertaken is also commendable and we are hoping that at the end of the project, the residents of Wall House and Castle Comfort and  particularly the commuters and  the bus drivers will appreciate the attempts by the Government to improve the network of roads here in Dominica.”

Contractor in charge of the project, Felix Thomas stated that over one thousand metres of concrete will be laid as part of the road rehabilitation process.


“We’re expecting to put a concrete pavement of about 1500 feet onto that section of the road, as well as 400 feet of drain works.  We will also be doing about 100 feet of box drains that will join into the slip drain.


Thomas also said that pivotal to the job is the employment of Dominicans which will alleviate unemployment for a few youths.


“The important thing is that we can have a large crew of young people to reduce the number of unemployed persons within the community and to have them involved as much as possible in these works.  A lot of the work here has been done by hand ; we used manpower in most of the clearing and excavation works where normally we would have used backhoes and heavy equipment to do that.  We were able to us human force to ensure that we could have a massive employment impact.”


The two hundred and seventy thousand dollar Castle Comfort/Wall House Link Road Project employs eighteen youths and three truck drivers.

The road is expected to be fully complete by January 2013.