Government Encourages Partnership to Stimulate Economy

The theme for this year’s independence celebrations, “Partnering for Further Progress and Development” is being taken very seriously by Government.

Hon. Ambrose George, who represented the Prime Minister at Market Day with a Difference last Saturday, told the public that pooling resources of private citizens with that of the public sector can do much good for Dominica’s development.

“We need to search continuously for innovative ways to combine the scarce resources of government with those of the private sector in order to achieve economic growth and development.  We need to look beyond just agriculture and livestock production and embrace the other sectors identified in the National Export Strategy including agro processing, energy and natural resources, cultural industries, tourism and professional services to improve our export performances and livelihoods of our citizens.”

A common theme in speeches given at the ceremony was emphasis on centralising vending operations within the boundaries of the Roseau Market.

Officials appealed for produce vendors throughout the city to set up in the area designated for that activity.

The acting Prime Minister spoke specifically to vendors about their role in the task of improving the Roseau market experience.

“We will do all that we can to ensure that the business environment reinforces the international competitiveness of the export sector and that it is pro export.  Export Dominica will be required to provide export related services to the enterprises in the six priority sectors.  How do you at the Roseau market participate in that partnership for the future progress and development of the country?  Our role is to provide the necessary retail environment that will entice persons to come to do business at the market.  Your role is to work in partnership with the famers in providing safe and quality products to your customers.”

“A stronger partnership is required with the Roseau Market Authority in hosting market day on your behalf.  As market vendors your number one goal is to make the Roseau market the most important outlet for the distribution of fruits and vegetables in the city.”

Hon. Ambrose George communicated that government is dedicated to doing its part as well... and that is primarily to provide an enabling environment through policy decisions.