Cabinet Meets with Overseas-based Dominicans

Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit and members of his Cabinet on Wednesday October 31st met with overseas based nationals and returnees at the conference room at Krazy Koconuts.

The activity which has become an annual feature during the independence celebrations provided an opportunity for the visitors to be updated on Dominica’s development.

The event was facilitated through the Regional Integration and Diaspora Unit of the Ministry of Employment, Trade, Industry and Diaspora Affairs.

Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit in addressing the overseas based nationals thanked them for responding to his call for dialogue in Dominica’s continued development.

“We are very happy to have you here in Dominica and I want to thank you for once again accepting our invitation to meet with you and to fellowship and to share with you where we are as a nation and what role you can play notwithstanding the fact that you do not live in Dominica. I believe that your contribution thus far is well appreciated and we look forward to not only continued investments but even more investments “remarked the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Skerrit told overseas based nationals that notwithstanding the ongoing global economic and financial crisis Dominica continues to hold its own due to the prudent fiscal management exercised by his Government.

The Prime Minister noted that while the country’s revenue has dropped the country has made commendable progress due to assistance received from friendly countries.

“Thank God that here in Dominica while we have been affected somewhat by the global economic crisis we are holding our own. We are holding our own because of the prudent and responsible management of the fiscal situation in Dominica and of the assistance that we receive from our committed and loyal friends and partners in Development” said PM Skerrit.

Prime Minister Skerrit used Wednesday’s forum to itemize some of the recent developments which have taken place on the island in areas such as education, infrastructure, and geothermal energy among other sectors.

In doing so the country’s leader invited the overseas nationals to join hands in Dominica’s development.

“You have an opportunity to join hands with Dominica. I am not asking you to join hands with my party I am asking you to join hands with Dominica. There will always a place that you will call your home and the question I want to pose to you is what kind of Dominica do you want to have? and a follow up question is What kind of Dominica do I want to have for myself?”

Meanwhile Minister for Employment, Trade, Industry and Diaspora Affairs, Dr. Collin McIntyre encouraged potential Dominican investors visiting Dominica for this year’s Independence celebrations to use the services offered by the Invest Dominica Authority (IDA).

“As the Minister responsible for the Invest Dominica Authority I would like to encourage those of you who are desirous of investing in Dominica to utilize the services of the IDA. The dedicated staff of the IDA is ready, willing and able to assist you in realizing your business goals.”

The Minister stated that over the years many Dominicans who reside for extended periods overseas have returned to Dominica to start businesses and have contributed to the country’s national development.

“We can certainly use more of these types of investments and look forward to discussing potential investment opportunities with you” he emphasized.

Minister McIntyre invited the Dominican visitors to view the several booths at Wednesday’s forum which featured a wide array of Dominican products and services.

Hon. McIntyre is hoping that this added feature to the forum with visiting overseas nationals would help stimulate exports of Dominica products to overseas territories.

“You may have noticed the various booths displaying nostalgic Dominican products being displayed at our venue today, please visit the booths, sample the products and perhaps even discuss possible ways you could do business with the companies represented. Who knows? You may discover a business opportunity where you can import products from the nature isle to wherever you currently reside” said Minister Mc Intyre.

Wednesday’s forum also exposed the overseas nationals to a number of Government and private sector entities such as the National Bank of Dominica, the National Cooperative Credit Union, the Immigration and Customs Departments, Discover Dominica and Invest Dominica Authorities, and the Dominica Social Security.

The meeting with overseas based Dominicans was held under the theme: Partnering for further progress and Development.