Dominica to Observe Flag Day on October 31, 2012

As part of activities leading up to Dominica’s 34th Independence celebrations on November 03rd, Dominica will observe Flag Day or Journen Dwapo on Wednesday October 31st 2012.

Cultural Projects Officer at the Cultural Division, Gregory Rabess told the Government Information Service (GIS) that the purpose of Flag day is to bring about a greater appreciation for the country’s national identity.

“Flag day was instituted some years ago by the Cultural Division as part of Independence Celebrations as a way for the population to display and give recognition to the flag. The flag is one of our symbols of our nationhood and our national identity. It is an effort especially during the Independence season to get people to appreciate the flag and understand what the various components of the flag are.” he informed.

Dominicans at home and abroad have been encouraged to display the Dominica flag throughout the day.

“It is a day when nationals are encouraged to display the flag at offices, outside private homes, in vehicles etc,” Rabess emphasized.

Dominica’s flag was legally established by Act No. 18 of 1978 of The National Emblems of Dominica Act which was signed by the then Governor, Sir Louis Cools-Lartigue on October 31, 1978.

It was Gazetted on November 1, 1978 and became effective on November 3, that same year.

Dominica’s flag has a green background representing the forested island.

A cross, made up of three bands representing “the Trinity of God” is white, black and yellow in colour, and the cross itself “demonstrates belief in God”.