ICT Unit Organizes e-Government Exhibit


Information communication technology (ICT) was on full display at the Government Headquarters on Wednesday when staff of the ICT unit demonstrated how accessible government services are at an ‘e-government open house.’

Jermaine Jean-Pierre, Director of the ICT Unit, who coordinated the e-government project, spoke with GIS news.

She says, “The purpose of the open house is to show case some of the e-government applications that we have built within different government departments to assist in and enhance the delivery of service.  For instance we have Asycuda of the Customs and Excise division which basically allows you to go online to process the carrying of goods.”

The e-government initiative also includes a connect2government feature that addresses popular customer queries.

Jean Pierre explained.

“Connect2Government is a really important application for us.  We have built it so as to allow people to call a central location and get answers to questions they may have in regard to government.  If you wanted information from a particular ministry instead of getting transferred to that ministry and not being to find the correct person to speak with, you can call connect2government at 266-3000 and one of the customer representatives will be able to assist you and provide you with the answers you may need.”

Government employees can also benefit from the e-government applications. E-government is not only government to citizen but also government to government.  A government employee portal has also been created.

“The portal is basically allowing employees to go online and print their salary statement, view their vacation balance.”

ULIS, the Unified Land Information System is also another application.

“This application was launched three years but we’ve since enhanced it.  We’ve added another feature so if you wanted to know where lands were available in Dominica, you can go to that online application by just searching, you’d be able to find out where lands are.”

“We also have online business registry so from anywhere in the world you can register your business.  We have removed the aspect where a person would physically go to the company’s office to register and created an online registry.  That that would cut down the time it would take someone to register their business.”

All of these efforts are part of reforming and modernising the public sector and enhancing the quality and availability of information to the general public.