Computer Centre Officially Opens in the Roseau North Constituency

A Computer Resource Centre was opened in the Roseau North constituency last Thursday to aid in the development of the nation’s youth.

The opening ceremony was held at the constituency office on federation drive in Goodwill where the new computer centre has been established.

Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit attended the ceremony and his remarks were filled with praise for Hon. Julius Timothy, Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau North Constituency.

“I want to commend your Parl. Rep on this initiative because often times we as human beings, we focus on what is not happening rather than what has happened or what is happening.  There is something happening tonight which is the opening of a Resource Centre with the utilization of technology computers that all of us from the Roseau North Constituency can have access to.  I believe it is a wonderful initiative of the Member of Parliament and all of you must demonstrate your commendations and congratulations to your Parl. Rep for this very important initiative.”

The honourable prime minister told constituents of Roseau North that they should be grateful for what he calls “good representation” by Hon. Timothy.

“I took time off today to come here in the Roseau North Constituency, to be part of this ceremony because I do not want it to dawn on us that this is just for computers because the detractors will say what is Timothy talking about, four computers and two printers and so forth but this is representation at the grass roots level.  This is somebody who knows of the issues that are confronting his constituents and is prepared as small or as big as it maybe to intervene to alleviate the plight and the suffering of his constituents.  All of you must continue to recognise the efforts of Mr. Timothy because he is somebody who has committed his entire life to Nation Building.  He is somebody that could have gone overseas like many people have done and stay overseas and criticize the government from there; but he has stayed here and he has invested in Dominica, he has invested in his people and he has made himself available to represent the interests of his constituents.”

Hon Julius Timothy said he wants his constituency to be the first to boast one hundred percent computer literacy.

He also stated another computer lab is planned for Fond Cole for the convenience of constituents there.

Hon timothy explained that at the goodwill resource centre, students will enjoy priority privileges.

“We’re starting at a relatively small scale with four computers and two printers that will be available to students and adults as well.  We have already decided the working hours of the office attendant which will take effect the following day.  Her new hours will be from 1pm to 8pm.  After the students have left school in the evening, they will have access to the computer centre.  Also if adults have work to do with the use of the computer, they can do so.  The students will be allowed to print school work and make copies free of charge. Adults will be charged.”

The minister, while warning against vandalism and misuse of the resources, applauded community members who have pledged to lend their services to the smooth operation of the computer centre.

Francis Emmanuel, Chairman of The DLP Constituency Association told the ceremony that the organisation recognises the importance of computer literacy especially in the lives of young people.

“About five decades ago, computer literacy was not a requirement for most jobs; the situation is quite different today.  Computers are now used in Government offices, schools, supermarkets, factories and churches. In the past the concept of literacy was simply the ability to read and write but over the years it has come to broaden to include an acquaintance, the use of the computer.  It can therefore be understood why a computer lab is so important.  It is indeed useful as a library but more exciting than the latter as an education and research tool.  The training of the computer lab constitutes the preparation of the students entering the world of work with a degree of confidence that will be successful in this field of endeavour.”

“We the constituents of Roseau North have every reason to express deep appreciation to our parliamentary representative and to the Government of Dominica by extension for establishing a facility that will make a difference to the general education of our children and the youth.”