Ministers Plead for Participation on Community Day of Service

As National Day of Community Service draws near, Minister for Culture and Minister for Community Development are both calling on Dominicans across the country to participate in beautification efforts.

Hon. Justina Charles at the recent Cultural Finals took the opportunity to appeal to the entire nation to participate in the beautification efforts on National Day of Community Service.

This year National Day of Community Service will be observed on Monday, November 5, 2012 as November 4 falls on a Sunday.

“Most importantly for us as community persons, as patriotic citizens, we need to participate in the activity of 4th November which is cleaning and beautification.  Too often we leave it just for a few persons to do.  Dominica belongs to all of us and so all of us need to partner with one another to ensure that we can beautify our communities, create an ambiance and environment that’s encouraging and enticing so persons can enjoy and speak positively of.  Most people promote Dominica as the nature isle; we go out there and boast of the beauty of Dominica and so we need to preserve Dominica and its image.”

Minister for Community Development, Hon. Gloria Shillingford echoed the same sentiments.

“Let me remind you, this year the focus for Community Day of Service is beautification and enhancement.  I cannot overstress the importance of a clean and healthy environment both for us locals and for the visitors whom we will attract to our shores at various times of the year and certainly in this season of independence.  I urge you thus to manage your waste responsibly.  Beautify your environment by clearing unsightly litter and shrubs and cutting hedges and trees.  Adopt a portion of roadside in your community.  Do whatever you can to keep this country healthy and beautiful.  Remember it is ours, let us care for it.”