Road Works in Eggleston Faring Well

The safety of travelers within the community of Eggleston is expected to be improved within the new few months.

The ongoing construction of a retaining wall along 33 meters of roadway is expected to address a concern of road deterioration.

Sections of road within Central Eggleston have experience severe damage due to excessive rainfall.

GIS News met with Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau South Constituency, Hon. Ambrose George on the project site last Thursday.

He spoke in great detail about this particular road.

“The rains did some serious erosion to the embankment of the road.  In fact that made the road very unsafe and precarious in terms of traffic flow.  [Although] this has happened for some time, Government has now been able to secure the resources to address the problem.”

The contractor assigned to the project is Peter Titre of Eggleston.

George stated that, “He was the same contractor who did a similar job just lower down the road a few years ago when we had a similar occurrence of erosion. It would seem that this location is prone to erosion and we will be looking at a longer term solution in terms of reinstatement of sections along the road.”

The Roseau South MP also explained the importance of another aspect of the $308,000.00 project.

“Because of the nature of the area we are going to build a storm drain which will be constructed like a step to control the flow of water from rain.  That in itself is about 180 meters long, that is from the road itself down to the lower Holy Redeemer Retreat road so that drain will end up at the Holy Redeemer Retreat House road.”

GIS News also spoke with project contractor Peter Titre.

“I am satisfied with the works thus far.  If it wasn’t for the rain we would have gone further but we have to keep going with the weather.  This job is a very important project because it was there for a long time sitting and everyone is happy that it is being reconstructed.”