Government Continues Improvement of Road Network

Minister for Public Works, Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore recently announced that a number of projects are currently ongoing following the effects of Tropical Storm Ophelia in 2011.

“We have started doing some of the river defence works in St. Joseph, Mahaut Massacre, Check Hall and Campbell.  After the passage of Tropical Storm Ophelia, parts of the south east of the country were affected, like San Sauver, Good Hope and Grand Fond who experienced some damage and edge failures to the roads.  In Good Hope, we’ll be addressing the crossing and in San Sauver a retaining wall.”

The Minister listed some other upgrades taking place which will benefit the communities of Eggleston and Petite Savanne among others.

“As I speak with you... a certain portion of road in Eggleston has collapsed and contracts have already been signed for works to begin in that area. We are also looking at widening certain parts of the road in Petite Savanne and in due course work will commence.  There are a number of other areas we are trying to address.  We are putting together an analysis for the restoration of sections of the road in Wotten Waven and we’ll be continuing the road improvement efforts in the Grand Fond area.  We are looking at resurfacing the road and putting concrete drains.”

Also on governments agenda is to improve road conditions in the capital city of Roseau.

“We have mentioned improving Victoria Street and Lalay Coco.  We are now in the process of putting contract documents together for the actual construction of the drains in Laylay Cocoa and the resurfacing of the road and to include Victoria Street.”

“Improvements will also be done on the drains in the Bath Road area going back into Victoria Street.  Very soon we are going to start with the actual surfacing of the road from the intersection of Federation Drive going back into the E.C Loblack Bridge and also from the intersection of Federation Drive going back into the West bridge so we can have that smooth transition leaving Roseau heading onto the West Coast Road and vice versa.”