Ministry of Education Sets Bar for Educators

Chief Education Officer, Stephenson Hyacinth has stated that the Ministry of Education will not excuse laissez-faire attitudes in educators.

Hyacinth was addressing the Excellence in Education Awards Ceremony last Thursday when he emphasised that every teacher and principal is capable of good work therefore nothing less is expected.

The Excellence in Education Awards clearly shows that we are able to identify our outstanding principals and teachers.  We know who they are and at which schools they impact the lives of students.  In like manner we know those among us who have fallen short of our expectations.  This activity is a clear indication that as a ministry will not sit idle by and allow these principals and teachers to pursue an agenda of complacency and inefficiency in the system. “

“Our distinguished principals and teachers have shown us the dramatic school and student’s improvement is challenging but it can be done.  These principals and teachers reinforce the notion that all schools can be effective, all principals can be exceptional, all teachers can be outstanding but it does not come without hard work, a love for children, a thirst for success and a willingness to go the extra mile.”

Mr Hyacinth then urged each educator to endeavour for distinction.

“Only effective teachers led by effective principals can translate aspirations and policies into concrete innovative programmes that would impact students for the better.  Striving for excellence by all our teachers and principals is not a desire for only a few but rather a necessity for all.”