PM Skerrit Calls for Revitalisation of Community Spirit


Prime Minister Hon Roosevelt Skerrit wants to see the resurgence of community spirit in Dominica.

He believes Dominicans should embrace the spirit of togetherness especially during this season of Independence.

He pleaded with all Dominicans to work in accord with each other.

“While we progress we must not move away from the whole spirit of a community.  It cannot be involved in only ourselves and our children and not worry about the child next door and whether he is going to school or not. We need to ask ourselves what he is missing so we can go out there and help. This is a time of celebration but it is also a time of introspection, introspection as individual citizens and residents and introspection as a nation, as a whole.”

The Prime Minister stated that people have to correct their shortcomings and, “continue to build on the beautiful things that we have done for Dominica.”

The Prime Minister also spoke of putting political and religious differences aside in the spirit of service to Dominica.

“We may have differences with the government or the leadership of the country but at the end of the day, our love, our pride in and our commitment to Dominica’s progress and development should never be compromised for political or religious issues.