Prime Minister Appeals to Dominicans to Care for Elderly

Government continues to appeal to Dominicans to take care of the country’s elderly.

Prime Minister Hon Roosevelt Skerrit spoke to relatives and community members who neglect to show concern for the senior citizens of the country.

“We still have too many of our family, our grandparents who are left alone to fend for themselves when in some cases they have relatives and friends living right next to them. Their children here in Dominica, their children overseas have forgotten their parents and grandparents. Looking after our grandparents is part of our cultural heritage because they have looked after us.  Now that they cannot fend for themselves we have a responsibility as a people to care for our people.  I continue to challenge us to care for our grandparents.”

The country’s leader also said that care of the elderly generates a sense of hospitality for which Dominicans are renowned.

He encouraged citizens to demonstrate that same spirit of warmth to both Dominicans and tourists alike.

“When you travel the world and people speak of Dominica they always in a positive way set aside Dominica from many countries.  They say to you, I’ve visited Dominica and the people are very friendly and hospitable.”