Government Continues to Invest in Medical Emergency Response

At a recent graduation ceremony for 20 fire officers who successfully completed an emergency medical response training course, Acting Minister for National Security, Hon. Alvin Bernard announced that by training professionals in emergency medical and disaster response, the island is investing in risk reduction.

Bernard stated that proper planning decreases the need for reactive measures.

“The expression fire fighting is frequently used to refer to remedial activities after the fact of responding to emerging difficulties. This behaviour suggests deficiencies in planning, operation and foresight.  Therefore the role of organizations such as yours is traditionally seen in that context, but let me advise you, nothing is further from the truth.  A country’s capacity to provide emergency and recue coverage is critical not only to the peace of mind and wellbeing of its citizens but is also an integral part of the enabling environment of investment, economic growth, employment and social transformation.”

Hon Bernard also stated that planning and adequate training raises the island’s service to international standards and produces economic benefits.

“Whenever we speak of the capacity for emergency and rescue, we implicitly refer to risk reduction therefore in addition to the saving of life and property we have increased public confidence and viability of all sectors of our economy.”

The fire officers who graduated at that ceremony completed the two week course having learned efficient ways to manage emergency medical situations.