2012 Independence Celebrations Officially Declared Opened –PM Skerrit

With varied displays of Dominica’s cultural talents by groups and individuals both young and old; the island’s independence 2012 season was officially opened last Saturday.

The announcement was made by Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit following his remarks on the importance of keeping Dominica’s culture alive.

“I wish to declare the 2012 independence celebrations under the theme ‘partnering for further progress and development’ officially opened.”

He recognised the efforts of persons who continue to lend their talents to independence celebrations every year.

“All the wonderful people who volunteer every year to dance; they do so because of a love and commitment to the preservation and promotion of our cultural art form.  They don’t dance for the first and second prize because that’s next to nothing.  I want to thank all of you who continue to make your contribution to Dominica’s development year in and year out.  I see faces that I saw back in 1984 when I first starting dancing heel and toe, quadrille and so forth.  These people are still part of their groups from Petite Savanne to Paix Bouche; I still see many of them being part of the cultural art forms at present. Next year I would like to see the exhibition of various songs and traditional dances from secondary schools and primary schools in Dominica.”