Road Improvements Continue Islandwide -PM Skerrit

As Dominica’s road network continues to develop across the length and breadth of the country, Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit has confirmed that several new projects are on the cards.

In a recent interview with the Government Information Service, the Prime Minister highlighted various infrastructural improvements currently taking place.

The Prime Minister disclosed that Government continues to invest heavily in road communications.

“We have extensive works currently being in Petite Savanne and Delices and we’ll be signing contracts which I’ve already approved for all the river walls along the West Coast Road from Canefield back to St. Joseph. That is in excess of $9m.  The only reason we haven’t started that particular project yet is due to the unpredictable weather conditions we have been experiencing. We don’t want to begin construction in the river and then it washes away work that has already been done there.”

“Lalay Cocoa’s contract has also been approved. Some retaining walls and road maintenance are scheduled for the Giraudel, Eggleston area. Parts of Lagoon from Rosie Douglas’s home all the way back is on our list of areas to receive some road works and once the water project has been completed in the Capuchin, Cottage area we’ll be doing extensive works there as well. We also plan to undertake a complete rehabilitation of the roads from Vieille Case to Penville once the water project is completed there.”

The Prime Minister also disclosed that Government will pay particular attention to the islands feeder roads.

“In terms of feeder roads, contracts are being signed for well over a dozen, including parts of Colihaut.  The farmers there have been complaining for many years about that particular project.  They have told us that this is a priority project for them in Colihaut and we plan to start works there very soon” said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister stated however that while Government is doing all they can, there are always a few hiccups along the way.

“The challenge sometimes is that people are not diligent in the execution of the work they have been contracted to do. We have to constantly urge them to be diligent and to try as far as possible barring any unforeseen difficulties or challenges that we should seek to complete those works within a reasonable time.”

At the end of the interview the Prime Minister reiterated that work is currently ongoing across the country and confirmed that we’ll see more work taking place in the next weeks and months ahead.”