Unemployment Not Cause for Crime- Security Minister

Minister for National Security Hon. Charles Savarin has refuted claims that unemployment is the leading cause of crime and other deviant behavior in the Dominican society.

The Minister made this observation when he addressed residents of Tarish Pit and Gutter at a crime and violence discussion at the Gutter Community Centre on Monday night.

He says while unemployment is a concern, it should not be blamed as being the fundamental reason why people engage in criminal behavior.

The Minister referred to instances where people who are employed have found themselves involved in criminal activities.

“There are a number of reports by the police in recent times of persons who are employed who allegedly stole from their employer. This raises the question as to whether it is unemployment that causes crime because if we are hearing now that people are using the fact that they are employed to commit a crime, then while unemployment is a serious problem one cannot say that it is unemployment that is the main reason for criminal behavior” the minister remarked.

Minister Savarin however believes that one of the main contributors to crime and violence and anti-social behavior in Dominica is drug abuse.

“I believe we have a situation where the young, the not so young and people of a certain age have in recent time taken up this question of using and abusing drugs. These drugs have the capacity to alter behavior, it creates a craving where people feel they must have it and if they don’t have the money to get it they will do anything, steal, fight, to get money to be able to feed their drug habit.”

Other speakers at Monday’s night’s crime and violence discussion in Gutter included Attorney General Hon. Levi Peter, Police Chief Daniel Carbon and Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau North Constituency Hon. Julius Timothy.

Monday’s Crime and Violence Discussion in Gutter is just one of several such forums organized by the Cabinet Sub-Committee where the community at large is engaged on what can be done to address issues of crime and deviant behavior in Dominica.