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Friday, 20 September 2019

Dominica has come out of a three day waste to energy conference with funding for two pilot projects.

Hon. Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Ivor Stephenson attended the workshop from the 20th to the 23rd of January 2016.

Policy makers, technicians and organisations related to waste and energy including SIDS-Dock, an initiative among small island states to transform their energy sectors and address adaptation to climate change.

The United National Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and the Swedish energy agency were also part of the conference.

Honourable Ivor Stephenson gave a brief explanation of the projects.

“We [were] been able to identify two very important projects that will help determine how best we can convert waste into energy, especially for Dominica,” he explained.

He says the projects will be supported both technically and financially by the Swedish Government.

“We were able to partner with the Swedish Government. They have committed themselves to providing both financial and technical support for the two pilot areas which we have identified for Dominica. We identified one pig farm in the south east and the national abattoir.

“We have identified these two in particular because of the likely problems they can pose to the environment.

“Let me also say to on the broader level that the Swedish Government along with GEF, 5Cs and SIDS Dock, they have already identified four countries which will be participating in various programmes related to waste to energy.

He sees numerous benefits arising from the waste to energy project.

“The waste to energy project is something that can benefit Dominica greatly since we are a tourism destination. We want to see tourists come to Dominica especially as we speak of a clean and green country. We have to take measures  to ensure that we have answers to managing the waste and converting it to something useful and preventing the pollution of our environment; it is just the best time.”

At that conference, Hon Stephenson says, participants examined other sources of energy including renewable energy sources like hydro which currently powers Dominica’s electricity sector; solar energy which is becoming increasingly popular on the island and geothermal energy.

The Labour Party Government is proud of its geothermal energy pursuits which, on completion, will supply both Dominica and the neighbouring French islands with clean energy.

The waste to energy conference took place in Grenada.

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