Government Takes on Road Works in Roseau Valley Area


Infrastructural works are soon to continue in the Roseau Valley Area as the Prime Minister, Parliamentary Representative, Minister for Public Works and a technical team took to the streets of Copthall and Morne Prosper on Monday.

The visit gave officials an opportunity to gauge how much work needs to be done around various hamlets within the Roseau Valley area.

The Public Works technical team along with Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit, Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore and Hon. Dr. John Colin McIntyre discussed matters of proper drainage and the installation of culverts to address many of the concerns within that community.

Over the past year Dominica’s road network has improved significantly and Government intends to continue in its quest to develop this means of communication…. and the Copthall-Morne Prosper Road is no exception…

Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit explained the phases of road works taking place along the Morne Prosper Road.

“Those of us who would have driven on the Morne Prosper Road for many decades would know that it has been a very dangerous piece of road as it was extremely narrow. The Government decided to improve the roadway in phases.  We’re currently doing the first phase which is nearing completion.  There are additional works that have to be done because of the terrain and the volume of water in the area. Additional drainage which is a must will cost about four hundred thousand dollars to ensure that we can protect people’s property and also to protect the investments that are being made as far as the road works are concerned. Additional walls have to be constructed to hold up the road itself.”

While the Morne Prosper Road is in need of some additional enhancements, the Prime Minister stated that Government will address those needs.

“People see these things happening and see that there are some delays in completion and they have comments to make but one has to appreciate the difficulties of Dominica’s terrain and sometimes you have one particular contract and along the realize additional works need to be done and this is where we are with regard to the Morne Proper Road.”

According to the Prime Minister extensive works will also commence on the Copthall Road.

“There is an area in Copthall before the bridge where water dwells and the road is terrible and also drainage within the community of Copthall needs to be addressed. Even if we were to do the road repairs without constructing a proper drainage system then within a matter of days and weeks what we would have done would be irrelevant.”

Improvements are also being planned for the Wotten Waven road.

“We are also plans to improve the Wotten Waven Road from Copthall going back to Wotten Waven. We are now reviewing the estimate and the scope of works.  Once that is completed the first order of business is to widen some of the corners and also address the issue of drainage which is critical.  There is a small bridge as you approach the village of Wotten Waven, we are going to widen it to allow for a better flow of traffic.  As you can see we are investing heavily in the Roseau Valley area as far as roads are concerned.”