Marijuana Cultivation Declining- Police Chief

Police here have confirmed that marijuana cultivation in Dominica has been on a significant decline as a result of aggressive efforts by the police to reduce the amount of marijuana circulating in the country.

Dominica’s Chief of Police, Daniel Carbon told a recent forum on crime and violence in Pointe Mitchel that the police have had great success in its Marijuana eradication efforts.

The top cop confirms that it is almost impossible for drug dealers to find marijuana in large quantities to supply to other countries.

“Over the years the police force has been dealing with marijuana eradication very effectively. That has been so, so much so that we know that the drug dealers cannot get their adequate supply of marijuana on the island. They now have to resort to other countries in the Caribbean for their supply”he reported.

Meantime while the Police Chief is encouraged by the success made in the marijuana eradication efforts on the island, he continues to advocate for more drug education programmes.

The Police Chief is suggesting the re-introduction of the Drug Abuse and Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program in schools.

“I recall we once had the DARE programme, where the officers went to the schools and lectured on illegal drugs and how to get away from it and not abuse it. That is a programme under my leadership I will try my best to reinstate.”

The D.A.R.E. program in Dominica has had far reaching positive implications. There have been instances where D.A.R.E. students have educated peers, siblings, parents and community persons about the dangers of the use and abuse of drugs.