Dominica Art Institute Offer Training Programs in September

A number of classes in the arts will be offered at the newly commissioned Dominica institute for the Arts beginning the second week of September.

Chief Cultural Officer Raymond Lawrence made the announcement at a ceremony at the old mill cultural centre on Wednesday.

The Institute which is located at the Old Mill Cultural Centre will provide a wide range of part time, full time and specialized courses in musical instruments and music theory, dance, drama, art, craft and Kweyol language.

“The part time courses which will be offered are; Art,  Ballet, Children’s Choir, Classical Guitar, Creative Dance, Drama, Drum Set, Functional Guitar, Functional Keyboard, Kweyol Language, Musical Business, Musical Theory (Level 1), Recorder, Steel Pan, (Beginners and Advanced players), Traditional Dance and Woodcarving.”

The Dominica Institute for the Arts was officially opened in June of this year and will serve as a multi-purpose art studio.

The facility has been designed to provide additional and important space for artistic training for Dominicans and other Caribbean nationals.

Mr.Lawrence has advised interested people wishing to register for training at the Institute to do so before September ten.

“There’s still time to register in case anyone is interested whether it be adult of child. Most of the part time classes are once a week. The classes will be conducted in the afternoons to accommodate children after school and adults who are working.”

Athlene Douglas Murdock will serve as Director of the Dominica Institute of Arts.