Marijuana Foreseen to Remain Illegal

“Marijuana will continue to be an illegal substance in Dominica in the foreseeable future,” says Dominica’s Attorney-General Hon. Levi Peter.

There has been calls in some circles for the drug to be legalized however the Attorney General says local laws  governing the legality of marijuana is not expected to change anytime soon.

The Attorney-General spoke on the subject matter when he addressed a crime and violence forum in Pointe Mitchel on Monday.

“So as far as society is concerned at this point in time marijuana is an illegal substance and until the laws are changed then that in my humble opinion should be respected”.

The Attorney-General is not convinced that there is a popular call for the laws to be changed regarding the legality of Marijuana on the island.

“The laws can be changed like most if not all laws and if people feel strongly about it they will lobby their various parliamentary representatives to change it but I suspect that there is not a ground swell of opinions for the legalization of Marijuana in Dominica.”

Marijuana has been classified as a Class B drug in Dominica meaning that it’s illegal to possess, cultivate,

or sell the drug.